The Best CBD Oil Products in the UK (Organic)

We've Selected the Best CBD Oil Brands (UK Certified & Organic)

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) - The Best Organic Hemp Oil in UKThis collection features the very best CBD oil, hemp edibles, CBD balms and e-liquids we've found in the UK. CBD oil has become very popular in the UK and Europe, but only a few brands follow high-quality standards: from the selection of organic crops to a gentle extraction process to preserve the whole-plant benefits of pure CBD, also known as Cannabidiol. We feature only THC-free CBD oils, classified as legal food supplements, and rich in a plethora of phytonutrients present in raw hemp extract. See the CBD FAQ or the CBD Oil - UK Guide for tips on how to select the best CBD product for you. See them listed below in ascending CBD content (red circles above each product). Buy your CBD oil from ethical UK and European manufacturers who use organic crops and supercritical Co2 extraction to ensure their CBD is full spectrum and achieve the entourage effect. Biopurus, BioBloom, CannabiGold, and Love Hemp are the stars in this collection of the best CBD oils from the UK and Europe, with over 400 active organic hemp molecules, including CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBG, CBN, terpenes, alkanes, amino acids, aldehydes, ketones, omegas, flavonoids, and glycosides.
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CBD Oil UK - the bestWe don't settle for less: 100% pure, organic and raw with no additives, cold-pressed using Supercritical CO2 (hemp's Gold Standard extraction method) and THC free. We feature only products we've tried ourselves and know are top of the range in CBD oil brands, both in terms of purity and strength. Like: Biopurus UK (grown in Czech Republic and manufactured in the UK), Love Hemp (Colorado USA and UK), BioBloom (Austria), CannabiGold (Poland), Charlotte's Web Oil (Colorado, USA), Hemptouch (Slovenia), and Pharmahemp (Slovenia), which are some the most respected organic CBD oil brands in the world, following strict standards and fully certified and tested by third parties. If you know of any other good brands, please let us know! Our products are shipped directly from the original UK manufacturer and distributor, guaranteeing you get the freshest batch and price. for the Ageless, featured by the Observer and the Daily Mail, complies with current UK legislation and is registered with The Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTA UK). Rest assured all products featured here are safe and legal and have been tried are tested.


The 7 Best CBD Oil Brands Available in the UK

The 7 best CBD oil brands available in the UK are here. Some are British, some are European, they’re all superb in one way or another. Here we give you the lowdown of the very best that we’ve found after many years of research:

1. Biopurus UK, certified organic whole-plant extracts

Biopurus UK
Biopurus specialises in organic essential food oils and we’re exclusive retailers of their CBD oil concentrates and exquisite hemp teas in the UK and Europe. Small is beautiful is a proven statement, because, despite its basic packaging and design, this whole-plant extract is of superb, certified organic quality, and one of the best we’ve tried and tested. Luckily, Biopurus also produces high-strength CBD drops, following the Co2 supercritical extraction process that is the gold standard in the industry. The highest quality CBD extract is not only a full-spectrum CBD oil (which contains not only CBD but other cannabinoids) but one that also preserves the raw phytonutrients of the plant: namely, the terpene profile, its bioflavonoids, even the chlorophyll and lipids (omega oils). Why extract only the CBD component of hemp, when Cannabis Sativa L. is such a nutrient-dense plant? Biopurus believes in preserving the whole-plant organic extract to deliver the full benefits of cannabis oil (minus the THC).
Biopurus range: from the entry-level 5% to the strongest CBD oil
Biopurus features a large range of concentrates, from the 5% CBD whole-plant extract to the strongest 30% CBD oil, which comes with Priority Delivery and a Free Product Gift. The only caveat with this whole-plant extract (which is beyond full spectrum) is that it has a stronger, thicker texture than a regular CBD oil, and needs to be stored in an upright position to avoid any leakage. This CBD oil is not suitable for travelling or bringing along to the commute, but if you’re happy to keep it in your cupboard and have it before breakfast and dinner, in our opinion, this is by far the best range of organic CBD oils you can get.
Exquisite organic hemp teas with high cannabinoid content
Organic hemp tea goes very well with the oil because when you brew the plant it releases a full spectrum of cannabinoids that has a different profile to that of the oil; for instance, CBDa content in hemp tea is high. Our bestseller is the regular hemp tea and the 1.6% loose tea. Free samples of the latter and the 1.6% hemp tea bags are available whenever you make a purchase over £30 (just add the sample in the ‘cart window’ or tell us “free sample, please” in the ‘notes’ section). The new 4% CBD hemp tea - made with the Futura strain of Cannabis Sativa L. - synergises very well with the strong 20% or the strongest 30% CBD drops. Hemp tea can also be vaporised, smoked or baked with.

2. BioBloom, organic CBD drops high in CBDa content

BioBloom UK
BioBloom believes that the short range of CBD drops they offer - the 4%, 6% and 8% extracts - are all you need, not only if you’re getting started with CBD oil, but also if you’re looking to take a high-strength CBD concentrate. How can you accomplish a 40% CBD oil effect (the strongest available) with a 4% (the weakest) concentrate? Just take more of it; so, instead of taking 1 drop of a 40% CBD, you take 10 drops of BioBloom’s 4% CBD drops. The amount of CBD content is the same, but BioBloom has a point when it says that this equivalence comes with an added benefit: you get more of the full-spectrum cannabinoid profile. In other words, by taking more of the oil, you take in more cannabinoids, thus enhancing the effect of the main active ingredient: CBD (cannabidiol).
BioBloom’s 50:50 CBD / CBDa ratio is one of a kind
BioBloom is the only organic CBD oil manufacturer that conducts meticulous lab tests to ensure its formulas contain a near-perfect 50:50 CBD to CBDa ratio. There’s a large body of research pointing to the benefits of CBD oil being enhanced by the presence of its counterpart (its acid form) CBDa. If you want this added benefit when taking other CBD brands, brew some hemp tea, where the CBDa content is naturally high. Moreover, BioBloom CBD drops are whole-plant extracts, meaning they contain not only a full spectrum of cannabinoids, but also the often lost lipids, chlorophyll, terpenes, bioflavonoids and other delicate phytonutrients present in Cannabis Sativa L. This is why the colour of the oil is darker and the taste stronger.
BioBloom boasts a triple organic certification
Having 1 organic certification is hard enough. BioBloom possesses 3: the Austrian, Swiss and Hungarian Bio certificate and the British Biodynamic Association one, making it the only CBD oil available in the UK with a triple organic certification. This means that from the moment it was planted in the organic soils of an Austro-Hungarian riverbed to the moment it reaches the bottle, the entire process is supervised and tested certified organic. No machines are allowed in the hemp farms and the entire process of harvesting and drying the cannabis plants is done by hand. This is a remarkable product with a very strong taste (perhaps the strongest of all oils we’ve tried), which in our eyes stands for goodness.

3. Love Hemp, UK Pioneers and Advocates of Good Health

Love Hemp UK
Love Hemp started its journey very early (when CBD had just been legalised in the UK) soon becoming one of the British Pioneers in quality CBD oil products. Schoolmates Tom Rowland and Tony Calamita were the brave founders of Love Hemp, which has kept growing and thriving non-stop since 2015. Despite the many initial setbacks they encountered, and because they believed in CBD oil as a true “life changer”, Tom and Tony persevered and have made Love Hemp one of the top brands in the UK market. In our eyes, Love Hemp is indeed the top British brand. (They Love Hemp and we Love Them.)
Organic CBD oil from Colorado, USA
Always striving to source full-spectrum CBD oil (rich in other synergetic cannabinoids like CBDa), when Love Hemp launched, it focused on bringing fine organic CBD hemp oils from the EU, particularly from the Czech Republic, into the UK market. For a while, they partnered with Endoca, who allowed them to source organic hemp material from mainland Europe that they would white label under their premium brand in the UK. Later on, when cannabis legislation changed in the USA, they tested Colorado-grown organic CBD oil from a company called Folium and, because of their guaranteed high quality, they decided this would become their principal source of CBD hemp oils. All Love Hemp products are THC free (below the 0.2% allowed by UK law), non-addictive, non-toxic and third-party tested for purity.
CBD drops, terpenes, sweets, topicals and e-liquids
If you’re new to CBD oil, Love Hemp advocates getting started with their 8% CBD drops concentrate and then moving on to their 20% extract. If required, or advised by a healthcare professional, Love Hemp also features the highest-strength concentrate in the UK market, a 40% CBD oil that comes both as a natural extract or with added peppermint flavour (which comes from natural peppermint essential oil). Those who prefer CBD edibles can opt for Love Hemp’s CBD gummies, which are similar in texture to wine gums (quite chewy and flavourful), the upcoming CBD chocolate (which will be available both for vegans and vegetarians as milk or dark chocolate bonbons) and even CBD water. Because of their high bioavailability, CBD vape oils or e-liquids are extremely popular and Love Hemp’s selection of flavours and concentrates satisfy those looking for a fruity, creamy or icy touch to their vapes.
Love Hemp advocates good health
Love Hemp is also an ethical advertiser of CBD products who does not engage in dubious advertising techniques. Their facts are clearly stated and all products possess third-party certification. They recently partnered with UFC fighters when they saw how CBD had changed their lives. These may not be the ultimate reference models for a health-conscious market, but they’re certainly an interesting testimonial to listen to, as they’re fully aware of their performance and the importance of recovery after strenuous mental stress and physical exercise. Love Hemp is responsible for breaking ground and shifting the UK public’s perception from cannabis as a plant for hippies, hipsters and stoners to CBD oil as a source of vegan goodness for people of all ages and creeds.

4. CannabiGold, full-spectrum Cannabis minus the THC

CannabiGold UK
CannabiGold was formulated by HemPoland but has recently been acquired for $15.5 million by The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TGOD). On top of that, they’ve invested another $10 million in the development of the company. This is the largest cannabis oil deal we’ve heard of in Europe. CannabiGold’s Co2 extracted oil comes from 1,250 acres of hemp fields in Poland and is widely distributed to 13 countries in Europe, namely: Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Estonia. CannabiGold is one of the only CBD oils in Europe with more than 700 bricks and mortar sales locations, not including online sales. Their goal is to be number 1 in Europe and it seems that they may make it! Founder and CEO Maciej Kowalski reached the peak of success by methodically researching and testing their full spectrum CBD oils, which range from the starter 5% CBD to the strong 30% CBD oil. The latter comes with a free product gift and free priority delivery if you purchase it at for the Ageless. CannabiGold also features a 10% and a 15% CBD oil.
CannabiGold’s precise dropper can be carried anywhere
CannabiGold’s unique selling point is not its oil, however, but its method of application. A common customer pain point is CBD droppers leaking because when the highly viscous oil gets in the rim of a conventional dropper, it won’t be easy to close the bottle tightly anymore. By listening to their customers and conducting research and testing in their state of the art facilities, the R&D team at CannabiGold developed a precise dropper technology that would allow 10g of CBD oil to be delivered in 400 micro drops, one at a time. This method proved successful for years, but high-strength concentrates would sometimes crystallise and clog the very small orifice through which the oil was to be delivered. Recognising the issue and the fact that most customers needed a higher dose to be delivered quickly, very recently, CannabiGold further developed its packaging to launch a side nozzle. This pump can deliver a higher dose of the oil (4 times what it used to) in one go and do it very easily under the tongue, without having to use a mirror to ensure one is getting the right amount of drops. The easy dropper technology has boosted the good reputation of the already popular cylinder bottles because they’re easy and safe to use wherever you go with no leaking and a very convenient pocket size. As a gift, CannabiGold is also impressive, because of its slick packaging: a cylinder tube with a protective foam interior and a helpful insert.

5. Hemptouch, CBD Topicals for Healthy Skin

Hemptouch UK
Hemptouch is a small family company from Slovenia specialised in CBD topicals, namely natural creams and ointments that are CBD rich and support skin health. Her young co-founder Silvija Špehar has a passion for natural skincare and saw the potential of CBD for topical use in synergetic formulas featuring essential oils and organic ingredients. When Hemptouch launched in 2014, Silvija’s formulas soon became popular via word of mouth and today has grown to become one of the most influential European brands. Widely retailed in the UK, Hemptouch offers the guarantee of overseeing the entire production process - from the growing of Cannabis Sativa L. in their own fields to the formulation and manufacturing of their products for topical use. Hemptouch also features a medium-strength 15% CBD extract in an olive oil base. If you’re looking for quality CBD products from an ethical, small, European manufacturer, you’ll like Hemptouch.
The Best CBD creams you'll find in the UK and Europe
The co-founders of Hemptouch, Marko Sladič (CEO) and Silvija Špehar (Biologist and Head of Research and Development), believe in hemp as a natural powerhouse to complement anyone’s skincare regime. Their line of products for dry, combination, oily and problem skin is far superior and more comprehensive than any other we’ve seen in Europe, because it is based on natural ingredients and their formulas are unique, simple and effective. Hemptouch’s creams and ointments combine full spectrum CBD (rich in a large array of cannabinoids) with raw hemp oil and hemp flower hydrolate - this is the primordial base. On top of this, you’ll find synergetic blends of essential oils like chamomile, lavender and calendula.
CBD Hemp Oil and natural ingredients only
What attracts Silvija so much about hemp as a skincare agent is the many active “skin foods” it contains: Omega 3, 6 and 9, bioflavonoids, terpenes, phytochemicals, phenolic compounds, and amino acids, to name a few. At Hemptouch, all hemp materials used come from their own family hemp farm in Slovenia and have been cold pressed in situ. The unrefined, full-spectrum CBD oil serves as the main ingredient in their skincare line. When we checked each label of their CBD creams and ointments, we found that no parabens, SLS/SLES, artificial colours or mineral oils have been used in any of their formulations. There's no cutting corners for Hemptouch and their ethical prices turn it into a staple brand to keep in your cupboard or handbag.

6. Pharmahemp, CBD All-Rounder and Innovator

Pharmahemp UK
Pharmahemp is another gem of a company to come from tiny, green Slovenia. Their hemp fields are also open air, organic and drop-dead gorgeous. They are selected micro-locations in Eastern Slovenia, the Gorenjska region and Croatia, areas that grew cannabis traditionally, before its prohibition and that today remain organic. Founded by Andrej Susnik in 2011, engineer and entrepreneur who has worked in the field of cannabis extraction since 1964, Pharmahemp is a solid European player with the leverage of experience and a great focus on organic production. By using supercritical CO2 extraction, Pharmahemp ensures that all their CBD extracts are full spectrum, i.e. containing not only CBD (cannabidiol), but also other cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, essential fatty acids (omega oils), bioflavonoids and many other phytonutrients. Their cutting-edge production facilities are matched with very slick packaging and design.
Pharmahemp’s Premium Black Full-Spectrum CBD e-liquids
Pharmahemp is a true CBD all-rounder because it can do all sorts of products extremely well: CBD extracts, pastes, natural CBD balms and innovative formulas like this customers’ favourites: the Premium Black full-spectrum e-liquids and CBD drops with Turmeric and Black Pepper. The latter is a very popular formula that sees the action of the turmeric synergise with the black pepper and CBD and it can be used both topically and via sublingual application or ingestion. Third-party testing demonstrates the purity and integrity of Pharmahemp’s products. Point of interest: Because Pharmahemp’s first business is that of a supplier of raw materials, many of the micro brands you may have come across Europe and beyond maybe white-labelling Pharmahemp’s CBD oil; in other words, they put their own stamp (branding and packaging) on Pharmahemp’s formulas or requested bespoke formulas. Why not just take it directly from the source? It’s bound to be more affordable this way; we like dealing with the top manufacturer directly, particularly in the case of Pharmahemp, who already has a very strong brand identity and ethos.

7. Love CBD, Cannabidiol (Entourage and Indica) Blends Made in Britain

When the founders of Love CBD, Phil and Dan Culbertson, saw the success of CBD oil in the USA, they saw an opportunity for launching a CBD business in the UK. This family-run business from Newmarket, Suffolk, realised that many of the CBD oils available in the UK at that time (in 2014) were of substandard quality and decided to become CBD connoisseurs and put together blends with what they considered to be the best hemp strains out there. After two years of R&D and lots of testing and learning, Love CBD had already established itself as one of the pioneer brands in the UK for CBD sprays and balms. Love CBD features the strongest CBD sprays we’ve found in the UK market: the 1400mg CBD Spray and the 2000mg CBD spray (both in a 20ml bottle). The CBD oil is full spectrum, with high CBDa content to achieve the entourage effect. Love CBD also produces an XL (100g) High-Strength CBD Balm with 1000mg of CBD oil content and natural ingredients only: Cannabis Sativa L., coconut oil, shea butter, cacao, grape seed oil, rosemary, and natural vanilla aroma. Ideal for a good back rub before bed.

Why Buy CBD Oil from for the Ageless - Key Benefits

Full-spectrum, organic CBD sprays, droppers, e-liquids, skincare and hemp teas - organised by CBD content

CBD oil UK- and EU-certified cannabidiol extracts support wellbeing and optimum health and are sold as legal food supplements. They have no adverse side effects and generate no addiction despite their high strength (they are certified THC free). Explore the different varieties of CBD Oil products with only the highest-quality brands: the CBD spray, pure CBD oil extracts (including the novel CBD oil + Curcumin & Black Pepper formula), CBD vape e liquids, CBD gummies, the CBD salve that Lesley Thomas from The Times considers "indispensable", CBD capsules and our cherry-picked hemp teas, which synergise very well with CBD oil providing additional cannabinoids, terpenes, phytonutrients and flavonoids. This CBD oil - UK collection features our top CBD picks, organised by product type in ascending CBD content (see the red circles above each product).

The Strongest CBD oil available in the UK

The strongest CBD oils in the UK are:
Love Hemp’s High-Strength 40% (full spectrum) with 4000mg of CBD content in 10ml
Biopurus High-Strength 30% (certified organic, whole plant & full spectrum) with 3000mg of CBD content in 10ml
CannabiGold High-Strength 30% (full spectrum) with 3000mg of CBD content in 10ml
Biopurus 20% (certified organic, whole plant & full spectrum) with 2000mg of CBD content in 10ml
Love CBD 2000mg spray (full spectrum) with 2000mg of CBD content in 20ml
Love Hemp 20% (full spectrum, natural and peppermint) with 2000mg of CBD content in 10ml
if you’re looking for a more economical, high-quantity CBD oil try Love Hemp XL with 10000mg of CBD content in 100ml

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We are here for you, which is maybe why we receive excellent independent reviews (see also Google): for our devotion to customer service and for choosing only the best CBD oils available in Europe and Great Britain. Follow the dosage instructions under each product description or on the product's label. Once, you've tried a product, whether it's a CBD vape, balm or drops, please leave a review, because it helps others learn more about the quality of the products and your experience at for the Ageless. If you'd like to read in-depth articles on how to use CBD oil or how CBD oil is made check out our CBD blog. (last updated: December 2018)