Relax & Repair - from Magnesium Tablets to CBD Oil

Magnesium Tablets, CBD Oil, Biopeptides & Multivitamin Formulas to Relax & Repair

Relax & Repair - from Magnesium Tablets to CBD Oil For the Ageless
Achieving natural relaxation is possible with magnesium tablets that also contain calcium gluconate and apple cider vinegar. Those are the active ingredients of Cal-M, our bestselling formula to relax and repair. Our extra-strong CBD oil extracts allow most people to achieve that state within 20 minutes when applied sublingually.

Switching off, chilling and enjoying deep sleep are essential to health and rejuvenation. Explore this selection of very effective relaxation aids, multivitamins and biopeptides for complete relaxation and body repair. Turn on a candle, take a deep breath and drift off into a cosy slumber, a sure boost to your wellbeing.